RENT ROCK RETURN is your personal fashion fairy godmother
(a bit like the one in Cinderella only way more glamorous). 


Our selection of luxurious designer prom dresses are carefully selected by the RRR Style Director (who has dressed many celebrity clients in her time) and are hired out in immaculate condition at a snip of the cost so that you can afford to look unique and feel fabulous each and EVERY time you accept a party invitation! Rent Rock Return offers a special shopping experience to our little fashionistas (approx 12-18 year olds) who haven't yet had the thrill of receiving an opulent parcel in the post. Whether it's a prom, party or special occasion, we hope the RRR experience will make you feel special from the very moment our beautiful box is delivered to your door. Unwrap something to make memories in....and don't forget YOU ROCK.